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Junior Leadership Team





The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) uphold and embody our school values. They represent the school, developing the school’s reputation across the community and promote teamwork whilst developing their own leadership skills and building their own self-confidence. For further information please contact Mr A Cree, Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour & Ethos.


All students have been through a vigorous application and interview process to ensure that we have students with the best qualities to be our ambassadors.

The JLT often represents our school at external events and has responsibilities within school, for example, fundraising, school radio broadcasts, student and helping staff with various events.



                                                                                                Junior Leadership Team                                                                                                        

 T  1  2  3  4  5  6  
 Thomas Amie Kitty Beatrice Thumalja Nathan Charlotte  
 7 8  9   10 11  12   13  
              Isobel        Jake        Alisha       Alisha       Elise       Maisie       Alyssa     
    14 15 16 17    
                 Fathia             Charles                    Evie              Heath    
    18 19 20 21    
                  Cameron                  Dhruv               Eleanor 





Sale High School is currently rebranding the Senior Student Leadership Team to build a school council which is an engine for positive change. We are moving away from the

traditional Head Boy and Head Girl model to more specific roles and responsibilities to drive change and improve student opportunities in school.  The structure for the new

Senior Student Leadership Team can be seen below:

 JLT Website change of structure