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During the last academic year we saw a large rise in requests for leave of absence during term time. The law states that you do not have the right to take your child out of school during term time. The local authority works with the school to reduce the number of children missing school because of absence taken in term time and the school may not approve your request to take your child out of school.

The regulations allow Head Teachers discretion to grant permission for authorised leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. It is important to ensure that should you need to request leave of absence for your child you should give as much notice as possible and certainly not less than 28 days.

There are times of the year when a child may experience extra problems because of missing school. These include examination periods; at the time of starting a new school; or at the start of a new school term. In deciding whether to authorise your child's absence and give permission for a leave of absence in term time, the school will take these and other factors into account.

If your application is refused and you still take your child out of school the absences will be treated as unauthorised. Unauthorised absences may lead to a Penalty Notice or a Summons being issued against you for irregular school attendance. Penalty Notices are currently £60.00 per parent per child in the first instance or court action which could lead to a fine of up to £2500 or even 3 months in prison.

Having read the information if you still wish to apply for leave of absence for your child in exceptional circumstances application forms are available from school. You should be aware that leave of absence will not be granted for a holiday during school time.

Your application form should be returned to the school office as far in advance of the proposed holiday as possible as and no later than 28 days before the absence is proposed.



Parents are required to contact school to inform of their child’s absence for Religious Festivals / Observance – We can not be held responsible for making an assumption for the reason of an absence.

If no contact is made SHS will try to contact parents / carers on the day of absence and this may be followed up with a visit from the local authority education welfare team.

If we are advised school will authorise 1 day for  Religious Observance holidays, any extended leave should be requested in advance as per school policy for consideration.

Dates of several recognised festivals are in the school planner, if your faith is not listed please contact school with more details.

SHS recognise all faiths and we will do our best to be  supportive of all festivals with minimal disruption to your child’s education.


Parents Leave of Absence Requests

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