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Enquires about results

Sale High School is committed to ensuring that all pupils have equal access to the full range of Enquiries about Results offered by Exam Boards.

The following procedure applys:

  • All requests for enquiries about results must be received by the Exams Officer in school no later than 14 days after the publication of provisional results to allow time for processing the request.  No late applications will be accepted by the exam boards.
  • No request will be actioned without a completed candidate consent form signed by the candidate.  Candidates cannot apply directly to the Exam Boards the request has to go through school.
  • Where a student wishes to make an enquiry about exam results they should discuss it with the appropriate Head of Department.  If the HOD agrees then the school will fund the enquiry.
  • If the HOD disagrees but accepts that the pupil can go ahead with the enquiry then the pupil must pay the appropriate fee for the enquiry.
  • The fee must be paid before the school will action the enquiry (Cheques made payable to Sale High School)
  • For clerical checks and review of marking the fee will not be charged if grades are amended.  So candidates who have paid for an enquiry will receive a refund.
  • The school will inform the pupil as soon as possible about the outcome of any Enquiry about Results.


Candidate consent is required before a request is made as candidates must understand that grades can go down as well as up.  There are three possible outcomes of a re-mark:

  1. Original Mark is lowered, so final grade may be lower than original grade.
  2. Origianl mark is confirmed as correct so there is no change to grade.
  3. Original mark is raised, so final grade may be higher that the original grade.

The services offered are clerical re-check, review of marking, and access to script.

The cost of these services ranges from £7.50 - £35.00 depending on the Exam Board and service.

An application form and cost details can be provided upon application.

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